View Full Version : DLC career events - Design suggestions

19-08-2015, 16:35
After competing in the Audi Ruapuna career events over the last 2 days, I have some suggestions for the design of future DLC events:

- Dont force things: Even though its kind of fun in a nonsensical way, having to drive the R18 etron around Ruapuna feels kind of bizarre. Everyone knows that the real car is never gonna see that track and that this event solely exists because of the idea to give the DLC pack a theme. This doesnt work all the time and when it doesnt, please dont force it. Why not give the R18 an event on a track where it is at home and make some Ruapuna events with cars that actually fit the track (the A1 for example, if it has to be an Audi)?

- Let the sunshine in...: Driveclub has the most amazing and beautiful weather in any game, ever. But said amazingly beautiful weather is what made me stop playing the Driveclub tour because there is rain, storm, snow etc in every. goddamn. last. event. To the point where I couldnt take the bad weather anymore, it was like being force fed with Kobe beef and foie gras. Please, please, please dont make the same mistake in pcars. The weather in those Ruapuna events is way too crazy. I know you guys want to show off the weather effects that your engine can deliver, but please dont overdo it. Its already too much in the normal career modes but to go from light cloud to rain to fog so thick it would end every real race over the course of 3 laps just feels stupid. In fact, I would vote for an update to the career scripting with less rain, fog and other occasional conditions and more clear, dry weather - which is what most races take place in. But please, at least dont overdo it again in future DLC events.

- Other types of events: Why always only races? Why not make one of the new events a time trial, like a hillclimb or autocross? This would especially be an opportunity to deliver events with new cars - say an A->B time trial at the country roads or Nords stages with the cars of the DLC pack. Silverstone Stoke or Oschersleben C are rarely used in the game and would make for nice time trial/autocross style courses.