View Full Version : Break down of lap times online

19-08-2015, 17:12
Is there any way to see a break down of lap times, including fastest lap, when racing online?

20-08-2015, 01:34
I also would like to know if there is a way to see the same after one finishes a race. I know you can see it if you go the pits after an disabling accident and then select lobby information or have someone expectate and selecting lobby information.

20-08-2015, 02:05
PS4 hit the options button after a race, before the race results show up. It will show you best lap time. But that's about it.

20-08-2015, 13:08
So, in order to see everyone's fast lap times information, you would have to have someone spectate and select the lobby? It sounds to me like something that needs to be in the next patch. Update: I hit the options button and I got to see the fast laps for those that finished the race. I think I stayed on that page too long because I did not get to see the regular page with the finish times for all participants. I will try next time to get a picture of fast laps and see if I can switch fast enough to see the finish times. I will keep you posted.