View Full Version : Anyone able to Join Game via Steam?

20-08-2015, 19:20
I remember the Join Game in Steam working well in past. It makes real easy to join a lobby with friends.
Recently I tried that but it does not seem to work at all (Even though the button is green and the friend is online).

Is this a feature in need of fix or is it something that needs troubleshooting on my side? I tried validating files and such but made no difference.:(

Kobus Maree
20-08-2015, 22:11
I found that some other apps like freedownload manager, in my case, that monitors what you do can affect this. Somehow these apps interfere with the steam overlay.

Once I disabled it running all the time, my problem was solved.

I do not know if this will apply to apps such as overclocking software etc...

21-08-2015, 06:32
I only see Avast antivirus and Logitech Profiler as additional apps in my taskbar. If so. it will be a hard find in task manager:sour:

Edit- Kobus I just noticed your location is at Bathurst. I hope you visit that track often:eagerness: