View Full Version : New Bug?

Marcel Walker
21-08-2015, 00:56
Doing the GT3 championship at spa in the McLaren and every time I change to 6th gear it losses all drive and slows down. is this a known bug or a new one? Any information would be great. Thanks

21-08-2015, 01:12
Never heard of it, could be a new one? it just never ends :confused:

21-08-2015, 01:30
Sounds like a gear ratio setup problem. I think it's an old setup bug where gearing gets mixed up from another car or something.

Try resetting the car setup to default.

Marcel Walker
21-08-2015, 03:30
The setup is all ready default.

TheReaper GT
21-08-2015, 04:19
The setup is all ready default.

Can you look at the gear ratios just to confirm that they are correct?

21-08-2015, 04:24
And load defaults anyway and save it. It doesn't matter if you didn't change anything the bug still happens.

Marcel Walker
21-08-2015, 05:05
Ok, will give a try. Thanks