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21-08-2015, 14:40
The GT Championship Season 2 is starting now!

Are you interested in competing in the GT Championship, just click on the event and confirm.
Then write write your details to me in the group or FB pm:


Time and Date of races:
Sundays 20:00 Berlin Time

Car Class:

Season 2

Season length:
12 races ( 3 months )


Imola - 24 laps
Silverstone - 20 laps
Nurburgring GP (Night Race) Ė 22 laps
Zhuhai - 27 laps
Brands Hatch GP - 30laps
Monza GP - 24 laps
Dubai Autodrome GP (Night Race) - 22 laps
Donington GP - 30 laps
Spa - 20 laps
Bathurst - 20 laps
Sakitto Ė
Azure Circuit Ė

Real track time weather ( The weather thatís on that track at race time )

Realistic Driving Aids: On
Mechanical Failures: Yes
Auto Start Engine: Yes
Flags & Penalties: On


Tire Wear: Real Time
Fuel Usage: Real Time

Qualifying Time:
30 minutes ( 15min qualifying time allowed )

Race time:
around 40min

GT Championship is split into 3 divisions ( if enough racers apply)

Pro Division ( 16 racers )
Amateur Division ( 16 Racers )
Rookie Division ( 16 Racers )

If you start in the amateur division in Season 2 and finish in the top 4 in the season standings, you are promoted to the PRO division for Season 3, but if you end up in the bottom 4, you are then relegated to the Rookie division for Season 3.
The league has 3 referees that control the fairness of the races. If you feel someone has intentionally crashed, bumped your car. If you see someone does not apply to the Drivers Etiquette that is written on our site. Save the replay at the end of the race, then cut out the part and send it to us and if the person if found guilty by the referees, he will get penalized accordingly ( reduction of points, starting at the back of grid next race-s, race bans all the way to, being relegated to the lower division or being banned from the Championship ).

You can skip some races if you donít have time.
You can create a team with another racer, but max 3 racers per car class is allowed. Those 3 racers will represent you in the Team Standings.
Do you have any questions? Join the group and fire away.
FACEBOOK GROUP (https://www.facebook.com/groups/PS4ProjectCars/)