View Full Version : [fixed] Please add some weather progression options between x2 and x10

21-08-2015, 15:31
with x2 the weather changes every 30 minutes: it's like never

with x10 the weather changes every 6 minutes: it's too much

we need something in between!!! Like x4 and x5.

At the moment the best workaround is setting 2 coulpes of identical weather slots, so it's like having x5 with 2 slots (12 minutes each), but it doesn't work with random weather .

x20 and x30 are useless

21-08-2015, 15:35
There IS a x5 weather progression setting. Unforunately the UI slider is bugged in a way that it skips every second setting.

21-08-2015, 16:00
will it ever get fixed?

20-09-2015, 20:34
after 4.0 we can finally select x5, thanks for fixing it