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21-08-2015, 16:53
...AND GET SCREWED!!! I bought NFS Rivals for my nephew and thatīs what happened... http://answers.ea.com/t5/Need-for-Speed-Rivals/Car-wont-Drive/td-p/2010765/page/31 (look for my post, Grijo_426hemi).

The post:
"I just bought a Need for Speed Rivals copy (Blu Ray, not digital) to PS4, and bought all the avaliable dlcīs for it. Installed the game, the patch and all dlcīs. For my surprise, iīm not able to get acceleration of the cars. The cars move slowly and change gears like they are in fuel economy mode. I erased all and installed again. Nothing. So, i called to EA customer assistance in Brazil in 08/17/2015. The assistent called Nuno said this: “Erase all NFS Rivals content in my PS4, switch off the internet, switch off the PS4. Turn on the PS4, install the game again with the Blu Ray, play cops and racer tutorials, save the game, switch of the PS4. So, switch on the internet, Switch on PS4, download the patch, install the patch and all will be working properly”. I did all of that for three times and not worked at all. I did two times using my PSN profile and one time as a guest. So, i contacted again EA Customer assistance in 08/18/2015. The assistent called Tiago sent me a e-mail with the adress of this topic and said to me: "Post your problem there, maybe developers can help you". So, here i am, kinda sad and worried..."

31 pages saying the same thing. Thatīs A REAL bug, simply keeps you from playing the game because you can not accelerate in a racing game!!! And a year and a half later that the bug was presented, still exists!!! Now, iīm screwed.

SO, SMS, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT FOR PCARS!!! Iīm about with 130 hours played, loving every minute and wanting a lot more of this!

PS: Donīt turn SMS into EA, please Mr. Ian Bell, iīm beggin you!!!

21-08-2015, 17:01
What is it with game developers these days. Don't remember Mario kart ever having bugs :p

21-08-2015, 17:34
I played NFS Rivals and enjoyed every minute but didn't have any issues on XB1. The game brought a whole new meaning to offensive driving.:rolleyes:

21-08-2015, 19:35
What is it with game developers these days. Don't remember Mario kart ever having bugs :p

Oh there we bugs. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uz9sPOqjtUQ) Only thing is, back then, most people thought they were funny and didn't give a carp.

21-08-2015, 21:49
What is it with game developers these days. Don't remember Mario kart ever having bugs :p
Mario Kart ran a bit simpler FFB though to be fair.

21-08-2015, 21:58
NFS Rivals was fun, but the only issue I experienced with it was the sudden and very consistent server shutdown on EA's side. And then the things I would complete would... you know, not be saved. Was quite frustrating indeed.

I'm not sure what's all this "Ian Bell don't turn SMS into EA" thing though.

21-08-2015, 22:24
Rivals is the worst to buy if it's your first NFS game which I hope it isn't. The new one should really be the best one so I'd go with that if you've never played NFS. Support wise, EA are proper shit so I wouldn't worry about that. SMS know what they're doing mostly

John Hargreaves
22-08-2015, 08:25
I think most of us are still around because we get what pCars is about. Fortunately the over entitled troll babies seem to have moved on now, and they will be sharing their joy on other forums, but the rest of us have the sense to see that pCars joined the market a bit rough around the edges but with immense promise.

A few years ago, everyone was shaking their heads wondering what Schumacher was doing ending his career at Mercedes F1, and when Lewis jumped from McLaren, everyone thought he was mad. Well, those guys saw the potential.

Things don't always pop out fully formed, and I for one wouldn't have missed being along for the journey we are still going through.

22-08-2015, 08:45
Rivals is a fun arcade game but the bugs it have is bit ridiculous, I bought a bunch DLCs for it and I can't use them online. The only way to use them was to delete my profile and replay the whole game. The game do crash every once a while on my PC too.

22-08-2015, 14:40
I've only started this thread to show for the trolls what is a real bug. People kept complaining about minor bugs but Pcars is fully playble. And, for me, the best racing game i've played!