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21-08-2015, 17:32
Hi guys, I had my old topic closed because I was a "dick" And asked when the AI DNF will be in the game. So now letīs talk about other things ok?

(post-PATCH 3.0)

the game has a major bugs affects primary functions of the game (the game not launching up, the game likely to stuck in loading screen, the game crashes often during the race)
the game has a many minor bugs affects secondary functions of the game (included graphics, physics, sounds, gameplays, apps glitches)
the whole game requires restart each time the graphic options has been changed
the game sessions requires end/retire to place any options changes
lack of detailed manual explained every single option/function in the game
lack of many essential options/functions (ex. fov calculator)
menu/interface not very intuitive
look to apex function not very smooth/affects cornering
look left/right/up/down function too slow/unable to speed up
FFB setting hard to understand/not intuitive
lack of "reset/default" function for each option
poor interior/exterior cam setting/setting does not save
default head position/angle is wrong for some cars in cockpit view
artifical rear mirror too small/unable to resize
some parts of hud unable to turn off/change position/resize
"real weather" function and "random weather" slots transistion does not work
lack of native support for 3rd party apps/mods
no native FPS counter/PC usage monitor
no save settings/progress in the cloud

the game runs on old graphic engine called "Madness Engine" developed in 2008 by Slighty Mad Studio. Shadows, reflections and some visual effects are below nowadays standards.
very poor visual damages (lack of extended manufacturer licenses)
often fps drops/microstuttering
poor rainy weather optimization
poor native 3-screen support
lack of native 3D support
poor native VR support
poor SLI optimization
poor 4K support/optimization (poor steam overlay scaling)
poor quality sound (engines, tyres, crashes noise, enviroment sounds synthetic)
very poor 5.1 surround sound support/lack of 7.1 surround sound support
very poor AMD optimzation
some visuals missing (pit crew, cars parts in rear mirror)
poor quality of picture in mirrors
lack of DX12 support
poor volumetric of enviroment (poor sense of speed)
poor quality of asphalt surface/some skidmarks "levitating" above asphalt
poor native anti-aliasing
very different brightness of enviroment in different car's cockpits (depends on the distance to the windshield)
too small contrast/oversaturated colours/
lack of native ambient occlusion

Career and Multiplayer is boring and has lack of any goals, achievments, unlocks, levels, ranks, xp or any other form of motivation/progress and whole vision of career is not fully transparent and understandable.
Multiplayer is very basic and it was developed in old classic lobby style with lack of many important options and any safety/penalty/rank system let many players drive unfair and dangerous
lack of any personalization/socialization system
very poor replay system (lack of many options/replay unable to save)
lack of driving school
lack of contact with engeenier (no macro buttons to "request" time to next/previous opponent, state of car, position, lap info or many other useful informations)
lack of blind spot indicator
lack of tool to find out player's appropriate AI level
lack of leagues system
lack of VOIP in Multiplayer
no anti-cheat system
plenty of lags in online races (no anti-high-ping players system)

ffb/steering wheel behaviour is far from real driving experience
very poor and far from realism mechanical damages (cars insesitive to strong hits,rams, crashes)
poor physics in contact between cars (huge advantage for unfair online players/"blind" AI opponents)
poor interactions between cars and enviroment/tracks objects
poor AI (it does not respect tracks limits or even game physics, drive dangerous)
lack of many important physics factors
poor gamepad support
"Random Weather" based on simple randomness algorythm (chance for rain/fog is way too high compare to real statistics for certain locations)
scripted weather fo Career Mode (same weather model for particular races)

no laserscanned tracks
many of tracks and some cars (with little improvements) are used directly from previous developers title "Need for Speed: Shift" and has been developed in 2008
lack of many iconic sports cars (some go-karts instead)
new content upcoming in expensive DLC packs
lack of clear, solid groups of cars
lack of proper shedule/confuses with free DLC cars

lack of any native and professional customer support
official forum instead with full of fanboys and arrogant moderators banning everyone who is complaining and not happy about the game.
Ian Bell, head of studio treating his unhappy customers calling them idiots on offical game forum.
lack of issue tracker system
confusing customer targeting (game wich is preteding to be simulator targeting mostly non-sim audience)
counfusing software release life cycle (game is advertised as "RTM" but in fact it is eraly access beta with new uptades

You can tell me whay you want, but Im not the only one who think this way.

holly bloopers
21-08-2015, 17:34
You're hilariously dense.

21-08-2015, 17:36
Closed as this will not go down well. There are more than enough rant threads out there already.