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21-08-2015, 22:43
We are looking for more Australian & New Zealand clean racer's to participate in our new series & start new series of your own.

-Current series
WEC Endurance
GT3 Thursday

WEC (coming soon)

-New Facebook page

OZFM started back with the first FORZA's, We have branched out to PC, PS4 mainly on P.Cars but everyone plays a variety of games.
Forza 6 will be out soon so expect to see a new V8 COTF series.

currently we have 522 registered user's [/center]

Main Forum - http://ozfm.darkbb.com/

New members intro thread - http://ozfm.darkbb.com/f2-new-members

We have new series being created all the time and there is always a group to race with online cleanly, we look forward to meeting all skill leveled drivers :)

-make sure you read the CODE OF CODUCT & racing rules, understand we take clean racing very seriously.

Hope to see some new members competing in the series we have available :)

22-08-2015, 13:11
Was not aware of this group and have now registered. I've been toying with some of the pCARS DS API apps currently in dev but cant get one to play nicely on my Win Server08 AWS.... yet. So our AUS racing clan (numbers 7) are not yet ready to switch the league to pCARS. Need quicker, cleaner league management tools, therefore we are kicking off round one of the 3rd season of our Race07 league (http://www.webspruik.com/Race07/index.php) putting in a plug if any drivers want to register. I'll put details in your forum as being a pCARS forum this is not the place.

23-08-2015, 06:09
yeah I can agree with that. sounds good, pretty sure I activated your account not too long ago. if you would like to post up any events you have on other racing games feel free to do it here = http://ozfm.darkbb.com/f315-other-racing-games