View Full Version : [Known Issue] choosing bentley gt3 it switches to aston

22-08-2015, 05:21
everytime I choose bentley gt3 in multiplayer, then when entered the game its changed to the aston.

why is that?
only happened afer patch 3 (pc)

22-08-2015, 05:58
i heard, if the host of the game does not have the DLC no one can use it!! ridiculous if u ask me!!!

22-08-2015, 07:02
ok then they have made a rule change

22-08-2015, 08:14
Its a known bug.

The DLC cars and track data files come with the patches so even if the host doesn't own the DLC he will be able to see the car if someone that does own the DLC chooses the car, or if the host has the DLC car selected anyone that joins the lobby will have access to said car. and If the host selects a DLC track and someone doesn't own said track enters said lobby they're still able to race on said track.

22-08-2015, 08:16
That bug pisses me off so much, I pretty much went back to the mercedes gt3

1 in 10 lobbies allow bentley -__-

24-08-2015, 16:54
Same thing with the R18 E-tron. Joined 3 lobbies last night and I selected the E-tron, but put me in the standard R18. First time I didn't even notice until I was in the car and went halfway through the Nordschleife in an undriveable car. Went to external view and WTF, I'm sure I selected the E-tron. Exited, came back in MAKING SURE I selected the E-tron, and boom. Same thing. Joined a different lobby, same thing happened. Tried a third different lobby, and again....This wasn't happening before, even with the 3.0 patch. Like an idiot I was asking in chat if there had been a new patch out or if there were any rule changes, but no response... surely they were laughing at me.