View Full Version : My TX Wheel or Thrustmaster Products in General

22-08-2015, 08:59
Hi Everyone,

Maybe i'm unlucky but I have issues with my TX 458 Wheel and other Thrustmaster kit.

The first 458 I received blew and smoked the room out. Returned to Thrustmaster (customer service was great, if slow, and always have been in my dealings).

The unit was replaced and has been fine. The feel isn't great no matter what settings I have though.

I have a set of T3PA pedals, again the feel isn't great, throttle and clutch has no resistance and with the brake you can't feel what is going on.

I ordered a T3HA Shifter which worked for about a week then stopped. Thrustmaster sent a new cable and PCB, but didn't fix the issue, they said that it was probably the connector on the wheel base and asked me to send it back for repair.

To be honest i've had enough, I saw the other day that the Fanatec Clubsport Wheelbase V2 and Clubsport V3 Pedals are now Xbox One compatible so I will be checking them out, if I can find somewhere where I could try them out.

As I was also thinking about a move to the PC I may check out the Accuforce Pro wheel base and DSD Pedals.

We have to buy these things blind, in most cases, and its a lot of money to get it wrong.

If anyone lives not too far from York UK and has any of these and wouldn't mind me having a go then please let me know.

Also anyone have any opinions I would really appreciate it.

22-08-2015, 09:54
My T300rs lasted a couple of days before making horrible noises. I really want the shifter and new pedals but I don't want to be stuck with accessories and a base that keeps failing!