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Michael Janke
22-08-2015, 13:20
After a great Season I with a big final at Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps we planning the next Season

Team and Driver Championship
4 normal an 2 Endurance Races
Real Settings ( ABS / Traction Control .... )
Real Weather from myweather2.com

All races are live broadcast from Tshabalalala

Season start is planned on 3.9.2015, so save now a Single or Team spot in the grid.

More infos in our Forum (http://pcars-events.xobor.de) or Website (http://www.sciroccoplayers.de)

About our Group :

pCars Events (PS4) is group set up by fair racers for fair racers.
We host races most nights of the week which include championship series such as the GT3 World Championship and the BMW Racing Series as well as one off fun races.
We strive to drive within the proper track limits, i.e. the white lines, as we feel this is the proper way to race and it helps everyone to improve their driving and racing skills.
We welcome all skill levels and want everyone in the group to have fun racing against each other.
You are encouraged to enter our championships, time trial events and fun races even if you are new to racing.
The fun is in the racing, not always about winning.
We always welcome suggestions about cars and tracks so please don't be shy in coming forward with your ideas.

Cya on Track Gentlemen

Michael Janke
24-08-2015, 13:46

Info´s about our second GT3 World Championship

- We are racing in a Championship with 1 Race per event.
- We will have Practice and Qualifying sessions.
- There will be Leaderboards, Standings and Race Calendars.
- Live Broadcast on Twitch
- 8 Teams fight for the constructor's crown.
- 4 Normal Race (74mi)
- 2 Endurance Race (124mi)
- 1 Strike Result

Time of the Event
Every Thursday (from 3.9.2015 on):

- 9:00 PM Central European Time
- 8:00 PM UK

Duration of the Event
7pm : Practice 1 : 60 During this session, the invitations will be sent to all participants
8pm : Qualifying : 30 Minutes (Official Event Start )
Warmup : 5 Minutes
Race : ~45 Minutes

Live Weather from myweather2.com

Assists, Damage & Realism
Assists [Real]
ABS [-]
Stability Control [-]
Traction Control [-]
Damage [FULL]
Mechanical Failure [ON]
Engine Start [AUTO]
Flags & Rules [ON]

P1 - 25 Points
P2 - 18 Points
P3 - 15 Points
P4 - 12 Points
P5 - 11 Points
P6 - 10 Points
P7 - 9 Points
P8 - 8 Points
P9 - 7 Points
P10 - 6 Points
P11- 5 Points
P12 - 4 Points
P13 - 3 Points
P14 - 2 Points
P15 - 1 Points

Race Calender
03.09.2015 - Barcelona
10.09.2015 - Silverstone
17.09.2015 - Abu Dhabi [Endurance Race]
24.09.2015 - Watkins Glen
01.10.2015 - Nürburgring
08.10.2015 - Road America [Endurance]

Team Racing
- 8 Teams will fight for the Team Championship Title.
- Collect points with your Teammate.
- In races where only one car is allowed, you and your Teammate must pick the same livery.
- Let us know early in the forum which livery you have chosen.

More infos in our Forum (http://pcars-events.xobor.de/)

Michael Janke
31-08-2015, 06:04
Only a few days the next Season start.

Save one of the last spots and join today :)

Forum (http://pcars-events.xobor.de/)

31-08-2015, 09:47
I would be interested in this. Im new to the forum and think id find if difficult to find a team mate. Quasol bmw z4

Michael Janke
31-08-2015, 14:00
Hey Racingraps, no problem. We make a Team Draw with all the Driver who signed in. So you get automatically a Teammate :) Pls sign up in our Forum and here (http://pcars-events.xobor.de/f5-pCars-Events-GT-World-Championship.html)you get all info´s

Michael Janke
01-09-2015, 11:24
Important Info :

The start date for the championship has changed and is now Thursday 10th September. Each round will be every Thursday from then on.

The draw to decide the teams will take place this coming Sunday so the deadline for signing up to the championship will be 12 noon 6th September.

Michael Janke
03-09-2015, 11:39
A race to get ready for the upcoming pCars Events GT3 World Championship season 2.

We're only 1 week away from the start of the championship so this race is the perfect opportunity to test your car around one the worlds best race tracks.

Please let us know if you will be racing on the event forum

All the weather, number of laps and more information can be found by following the link below.

Michael Janke
05-09-2015, 11:56
Sign up for the pCars Events GT3 World Championship season 2 closes at 12:00 UK time tomorrow 6th September.

The draw to decide the teams will take place tomorrow evening.

Michael Janke
10-09-2015, 14:41
Tonight starts the second season of the GT3 Championship.
The first race will take place in sunny Spain. Unfortunately, the weather forecast is anything but sunny. It is expected with some heavy showers.

On the 4.6km long track there will be some exciting duels. Who can enter the first victory?

So turns around 8:15 (UK) when the engines start for the first time this season.
Twitch (http://www.twitch.tv/tsubasa_o)


More infos : www.pcars-events.de

Michael Janke
14-09-2015, 08:06
Standings after Round 1

Michael Janke
17-09-2015, 10:41
Tonight is the second race of the GT3 Championship.
Silverstone, the home of British motorsport, is the goal. On the 5.8km long circuit a lot of race action is expected.
Who will stand at the end at the top of the podium. Tonight, shortly after 8pm, you can follow the race live on our Twitch channel.

Team Spotter update :218317

Michael Janke
18-09-2015, 09:21
pCars Events GT3 World Championship after Round 2

More infos under www.pcars-events.de

21-09-2015, 16:34
Hi Michael - I've noticed on your site that entry is closed for this but you only have a grid of 15.

I'm wanting to try out some league races & like the look of your league. I'm wondering if you'd consider a late entry? Happy to drive as a single or team up with R.Rapley (it looks like they don't have a team mate). If not, happy to wait for the next season. Thanks.

Michael Janke
22-09-2015, 09:47
Hey ElectricBlues85, we have a "guestdriver" spot for this week free. So i write you later a pm with info´s ;) Maybe you join our Race :)

Michael Janke
01-10-2015, 10:24
Tonight we have the 4 round of the championship on the plan.
This time it comes to a high-speed racetrack. Watkins Glen. Only a small mistake and you find yourself in the barriers again.

From ~ 8pm you can follow live on our Twitch channel the race.