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22-08-2015, 14:41

Today I wanted to make a race agaisnt AI with LMP1's on Le Mans but I had a problem: Before I start the race I write down my lap time on that Track and then set the AI on a level where I can drive in the top 30% or so by starting a training session and looking how fast the ai's are. I did that for Le Mans (ai strenght 89% with laptimes between 3:28-3:40) but in the actuall race the problem was that I could drive in sixth gear (audi r18 e-tron) and still overtake everybody, even without windshaddow (the ai still drives my laptime). Does anybody know how I can solve that?

Side note: When I drive with my fastest setup, I'm about 20 km/h faster than the AI on the straight.

22-08-2015, 15:39
Why dont you set the ai strength up to 100%?
Then they are maybe a litle to fast but they have to pit more often so you can get closer later in the race.

Im talking about a tyre wear up to 3 X and a race from 18 laps ro more.

22-08-2015, 15:41
Will try that but does the AI not drive at full gas when they arent at 100%?

By the way: Why should the ai pit more often than me?

22-08-2015, 17:03
The AI does drive at full throttle, but the AI doesn't have low downforce setups (currently). This does give the player a little unfair advantage on tracks with long straights (like Monza and LeMans).

22-08-2015, 17:04
Ive done some tests and it seems that the ai goes earlyer to the pits when i can drive a few laps more.

23-08-2015, 13:45
I have driven a long endurance race today.
The weather was steady raining all time.
It was on Le Mans , a 26 lap race with time set to 1/15.
Tire wear to 3X.

I was driving stints from 7-9 laps then my tyres need to change.

But the AI goes in every 4-6 laps.
Like that way it was a easy win for me at 100% difficulty.

I have tested it with tire wear 7X on a race on the Nordschleife.
The AI goes every 2-3 laps pitting when i can drive 6 laps on the tires.

Is it possible to fix this in the next patch?

23-08-2015, 15:04
Ive done some tests and it seems that the ai goes earlyer to the pits when i can drive a few laps more.

Also related to the tracks with more straights. The simplified tire model of the AI dosen't see as much of a difference between straights and corners like the player car. This leads to player car having less wear at faster tracks like this, it's on my list, but not sure it will change for pcars1.

23-08-2015, 15:40
Hi !

The AI should change their setup during a Qualify...but that isn't possible today i guess ? That would be so awesome if someone could implement that in a Race Simulation.

23-08-2015, 16:29
From a bit of testing one of my friends did, the AI sticks to the default fuel load (60 liters for the LMP1s if I remember correctly). So it might not be tires but fuel.

23-08-2015, 17:11
By the way: Why should the ai pit more often than me?

You and I can drive same car (Same setup too if you like) in a race and make the different tires last different lengths.
You might get extra 5 laps out of a soft tire than me, for example, but I might get extra 3 laps from a rain tire.

Anyway looks like you have better race strategy than AI lol

23-08-2015, 17:26
Merged threads as Doug responded to your investigation already..