View Full Version : steering wheel disconnects after 3.0

22-08-2015, 16:26
Hey all

I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue as me and a friend have noticed since patch 3.0, if you alt-tab out of project cars to another application such as a profiler or an excel spreadsheet etc.. when you go back to project cars the steering wheel no longer works and you have to re-start project cars to get it going again.
It never did this before 3.0 but has become very annoying since as it makes it hard to use a profiler etc to get set ups sorted and note them in my speadsheet.

I loved the patch by the way its just thing one thing that may have slipped through testing, using a G27 wheel by the way.

N0body Of The Goat
22-08-2015, 16:42
A few times since patch 3, I've left the pits online, to find my steering wheel does not function.

If I restart Pcars, the wheel works again.

I cannot reproduce this at will, the devs need a sequence to follow and get the bug in order to fix it (if it is indeed a pCARS bug and not some other issue, such as Fanatec 222/223 drivers, the recent Windows 10 Insider build (10525?) etc.)

22-08-2015, 16:53
It only happens when I alt tab to another application, as I said the pcars profiler or the excel spreadsheet I use to keep my set up on, it didn't do this before 3.0 only after it, still using windows 7 and am on a g27 wheel with no driver updates to it

22-08-2015, 18:41
I have had random wheel failures with my G27 as well.. also sometimes its only the peddles that disconnect .. no rime or reason just random .. although on one occasion the peddles happened to fail right when I had a slight contact with another player ,it was just a tap on the rear bumper when he braked sooner then I thought ..no damage just peddles failed .. this is all in MP sessions ..

I haven't done any SP with 3.0 ..

I can't alt tab at all or the game simply fails ..lol

if anything else is running in the back ground ,drop box, nvid experience, anything ect .... the game will hang on the loading screen then I have to alt tab to get to the intro move and can get to the menu , however the game will lock up soon unless I have shut everything I can find running off b4 I start pCars ....

22-08-2015, 18:47
I get a crash quite often when I leave the focus on pcars to go on something else (3 screens) and then go back to it, maybe 1 in 4 times.

22-08-2015, 19:02
My wheel and keyboard sometimes stop working in game since I started to use steam overlay. Don't know if that's any help.