View Full Version : The most fun you can have in Pcars

22-08-2015, 17:44
Hi just to say after many races etc. you can't beat the Ruf RGT-8 in the wet at Silverstone. i have a GT driving force steering wheel set master scale to 50 and the ffb and handling is bar none, could spend the whole weekend just driving around!!! I know people slate the ffb and i initially found it pretty weak but have turned it up to my liking and it's great. Yes not so out of the box but well heh, life sucks?!?!
Does anyone else like this tail happy drift mobile?

22-08-2015, 18:28
In the rain, i absolutely love the RUF. I struggle with it at times, mostly in dry weather (for some odd reason) which put me back into the Z4.

23-08-2015, 19:18
Thanks for the tips! Been having a lot of fun tonight.

23-08-2015, 19:34
I have a lot of fun with Pcars and earlier today i had a blast in the Ford Focus in a solo race against 8 AI's at Cadwell Park GP. This game makes me smile up to my ears :D