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23-08-2015, 08:14
Hi all,

For those that have seen my strategy guide you'll know I quite like the tactical side to racing, so thought I'd share with the community and SMS my latest note, unfortunately it appears far to easy go gain time on the AI when running a race which doesn't require fuel stops but does require a tire change. This is currently only in GT3 races (I'd assume it applies to all GT races as the pit stops are the same fuel and tyre changed one after the other)

So I created a race last night 10 laps at Road America x5 tyre wear 90% AI. I added all the fuel I needed to finish the race from the start so I wouldn't need to add during the race as it costs more time due to GT pit stop rules and running 44ltrs wasn't going to slow me too much, however I believe all the AI took fuel and tyres at there single stop around lap 4/5. The problem with this is I gained around 15 or so seconds on the leading cars after my tyre only stop. I was 15th when I pitted lap 5 and after I was 3rd. If I'm honest I didn't deserve to be wasn't lapping that quickly to be honest, 2:12s.

I have included a video from the race which shows how much time I gained by just taking tyres (lap5)

(I got no sound on my phone? no idea why or have I found another bug when uploading via share button on PS4) I couldn't figure out how to upload the full race so it's missed the start but I was rubbish anyway.

All the above is not a complaint, I was completely zoned out while racing and forgetting to blink too.

Maybe when AI race in "not full tank" races they could start with enough fuel to finish, this would make it even more of a challenge, however I could be wrong and my pace/strategy was brilliant but I doubt it.