View Full Version : McLaren F1 invitational at Zolder

23-08-2015, 13:50
just managed to finally win it today after quite a few failed attempts previously (came close one time but ran out of fuel near the end of last lap as luck would have it). pretty sure some people here gonna say its nothing but was pretty intense for me as i dont get to play as much and only had time for few practice laps every now and then lately dialing my ffb settings. its a half an hour evening race at dusk so you end up driving about half of it at night. the car is handful, the first two corners i found especially hard for me in this car so again for me not an easy car/track combo. no assists, no line, everything 'real'. jack spade's 66% mix really helped with this car handling. the difficulty at default 80%. best lap time was 1.40.low something. even tho it was pretty intense session for me i really did enjoy it and it was rewarding to win it in the end. this is not to brag or anything (probably wont even cut it as an achievement around here anyway) but with all the negative comments i read here lately i thought i should post this.

23-08-2015, 13:53
Yes that is a tough one to win. It has taken me several attempts as well. Like you in one of my attempts before I won I had to pit very near the end because of fuel.

23-08-2015, 17:45
I feel you. This is the toughest one I've race so far. Only been up to gt3 classes though.

24-08-2015, 11:36
checked time trial just for fun and the fastest McLaren F1 at Zolder there is 1.32.something! i think the best time doable with default/stock car tune would be high 30s. followed the ghost and it goes really really fast thru chicanes (dont think this would work in a race or real life for that matter but anyways). you guys got any good tunes for this car? i checked some tunes at projectcarssetups and didnt like them. made my own last night which gives much better grip and stability. brakes suck tho dunno if there is anything in the tune that can change that by much.

GRD 4 3L
24-08-2015, 17:59
I thought I was losing my touch when I had to restart this race multiple times. The car is good to drive but it is touchy going through the chicanes. I also ran out of fuel, in the lead, with couple of laps to go; heart braking + infuriating. AI slows down unnecessarily just before the crests so it's pretty easy to plan the passes. Also had AI at 80%.

Spiny Anteater
24-08-2015, 18:03
Had to spend a couple of nights tuning getting the car more stable before I tried this one (shortened down to 2 hours as that's all I had time to do). I was really struggling to hold of the AI in my first stint, but then gained quite a lot of time by making fewer (two) stops for tyres. Unfortunately, by the end of the stints, I was lacking grip badly and on the very last lap struggled to slow down enough on the left-right-left section and let an AI through for 2nd place. Really annoying, but in a good way as I was annoyed at myself for making the mistake rather annoyed at the game for being unfair (as was usually the case in a certain other Xbox racing game).

Incidentally, baz00ka, I found the brakes weren't too good either :(

24-08-2015, 19:34
A few suspension settings make a huge difference in this car. It's been a while since I ran the event but if I recall I tuned out some the understeer and it vastly improved my times. W/o traction control, tuning for a little oversteer can be scary in the F1 but it helps a lot for carrying speed into corner entry. Just have to treat the throttle with real respect on the exit. I ran it before the tires were changed in a patch though and haven't driven the F1 again since so honestly don't know what it's like to drive now.

28-08-2015, 01:17
thanx guys! i have followed z3r0cool77 advise and basically made everything real stiff and oversteer oriented. did few things to improve braking too and it made some noticeable difference. basically ended up with more stable car which turns in better, has more grip and overall stability and does not feel like driving a boat as stock one does sometimes. its still twitchy of course but much more manageable, predictable and easier to recover. uploaded the setup to http://projectcarssetups.eu under the name 'Grip and Brakes, Bumps and Rakes'.

the best i could do in time trial was 1.36.something. followed time trial ghost that does 1.32.something and its bs as the guy straightlines all chicanes without lifting by the looks of it. i dont wanna name and shame and also the ghost representation might not be entirely accurate but its not fun and i just cant see how you can pass those chicanes clean in this car at that kinda speed. anyways hopefully my setup will help someone as it should definitely turn the deck in your favour on AI or online (unless you wanna straightline chicanes and jump over kerbs its not good for that) but to be honest i think the bat shit crazy stock car is more fun and more of a challenge making it more realistic and interesting.