View Full Version : Multiplay room List Messed Up With Patch 3.0

24-08-2015, 02:22
The room list is messed up now, it used to find 30 to 40 rooms with at least a person in them, this time it only found 6, the rest are empty. It shows 2 yellow squares in each row that's empty. I thought they were servers, but this does not make sense because:
A. Only about 30 are listed in-game, MANY more are listed here: http://cars-stats-steam.wmdportal.com/index.php/servers
B. The *-autods launch option is not used.
C. There are not very many regular sessions with people in them.

What is going on!? Please don't make weird, big changes without documenting them. The Server Userguide has not been updated since FEBRUARY.

24-08-2015, 04:35
That is because Server can be make visible even if no one has a Session...

24-08-2015, 07:17

24-08-2015, 16:12
MP is messed up since day one not opnly after the latest patch :)

24-08-2015, 19:35
MP is messed up since day one not opnly after the latest patch :)

Then why are you still here? Go away if you dont/cant play. Your constant crying is becoming tiresome.