View Full Version : Thrustmaster 458 Italia Spider settings

24-08-2015, 03:34
What's good everyone. I've come back to xbox one playing this game now that I have a wheel. I didn't get the FBB one because don't like wrestling with it through the race, but that's just my preference.

Now a lot of people are posting settings for this wheel and I keep seeing the same things. Which wasn't working for me so I tried something different.

On this wheel change to control setting 2 move dead zone for steering to 6.
Steering response for me is great at 80
Brakes and gas 50
Controller input set to 100
Everything else default.

On the wheel I keep mine at setting 2

Feels better then forza 5 now and have no issues. Give it a try !!

24-08-2015, 14:41
If you find that wheel deadzone to be just a bit too much, run the deadzone all the way up to 100, then back down to 4. when you click A it will correct to 3 and give a very tight feel.

Your preference is your preference, but if you like the steering so tight to be set at 80 where most of the motion is in the first 20-30% of the wheel's turn and very little response from the last 60-70%, why not bump it down a lot into the 55-60 range, change wheel blinky light to 1, then lower each car's steering ratio? I know the feel you're trying to get but sens at 80 just nullifies too much of the wheel's range-of-motion, in my opinion.