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Neil Bateman
24-08-2015, 09:55
Having recently bought a new 27" monitor I have set up my old 22" alongside it, I have the 27" as the main display and have set the extend these displays in the settings.

The monitors are running different resolutions, 2560x1440 and 1680x1050, my problem is when I have the game running in full screen on the primary monitor and I try to click on anything on the secondary monitor, the game continues to run but the screen goes black, it wont minimize with anything other than ctrl alt delete and clicking on task manager, once its minimised I can then click on the games taskbar icon, maximize it and its back to normal, if I run the game in a window I don't get a black screen but clicking on anything on the secondary monitor pauses the game and I have to click on the screen to un pause it.

Is there something I can do to stop the clicking on the secondary monitor affecting the game.

Thanks in advance.

24-08-2015, 10:11
Not that I'm aware of. I have the same behaviour with my 4th screen. Although if I alt-tab pCars will minimise and not just go into a black screen. I can switch back without issue now tho.

I don't think you have the ability for the game to just carry on, when you're in another app on your 2nd monitor unfortunately. I did try a little when I was playing around with my vrHive app, but the only way I could not make the screen go black, was to have it windowed, and then it used to pause the game when the focus wasn't on it.

24-08-2015, 15:08
I experience this as well. So I use DisplayFusion, nice app that allows a 2nd Taskbar on the 2nd monitor. So I click outside the game to do whatever I want to, then to return to the game, I click on the Show Desktop on the 2nd monitor to bring up the 1st monitor taskbar to click back on the game. Don't know why the game acts this way, but sometimes I also have an issue when starting the game and the screen stays at the intro, though I hear the game's main screen already... like focus on the game gets lost. So I bring back focus to the game with the same procedure.

Neil Bateman
24-08-2015, 15:37
Thanks for replies, will look into DisplayFusion see if that will solve the problem.

Neil Bateman
25-08-2015, 11:29
Guys just a quickie on Benq, i found out my monitor has the old V001 firmware not V002, this is to with the freesync issue on AMD cards and can only be updated by benq.

As i now use nvidia would this new firmware make any difference, i only ask because i can get it done free under warranty, if i leave it only to find i should have updated it and the warranty is up it would cost quite a few quid in shipping.

I am a bit miffed the seller did not mention it in the description and has told me its not his problem now.