View Full Version : Ignoring sub forums for "New Posts" search

24-08-2015, 13:49
Anybody know how to do this?

So when I click on the new posts button it only shows me the forums I'm interested in reading.

24-08-2015, 13:59
Open the subject (thread), subscribe to that thread.

Go back to forums, and use the quick link subscribed threads filter. That will save you the time of going through your control panel every time.

Thanks, but I want to do the opposite, I want to not see posts in the new posts tab on certain sub forums. I can subscribe to threads I'm interested in easily enough.

24-08-2015, 20:23
I don't want to ignore new posts in forums I don't want to see, I don't want to see them. I don't want to be told how to subscribe to threads and view them, very aware of that thanks:) although very cumbersome in the P cars forum. But if I want to ignore all the Xbox forums I should have the option for them not to show up in my new posts. I don't want to see the new xbox posts, or whatever forum I have ignored, at all.

Please don't bother repeating yourself again, your solution isn't even close to what I'm asking, thanks all the same.

This is not a difficult concept but may not be implemented in this forum software.