View Full Version : I am suffering disconnects in project cars mp servers with many cars

24-08-2015, 19:12
I'm suffering disconnects under race session when driving against 15-16+ cars in MP. In iracing and others i dont have problems - any others who experience this more than in other racing sims?

24-08-2015, 19:35
Platform? (Console)

26-08-2015, 20:45
Platform? (Console)

PC - is my platform

26-08-2015, 21:35
I can't help you as Xboxer .. sorry

26-08-2015, 21:57
PC here as well and we have the same issue. As well as lag increasing dramatically on larger grids, especially 26+ people.

We're running on dedicated servers and we've also tried having regular clients to host but it doesn't matter.
We've so far had 2 different VPS providers and the current one is 4gb ram, 2 cores, 1Gbit Line and SSD disk.
Munin shows that only 50% of the ram is used and 25% of the cpu. Checking the dedicated server it only shows using 1% ram and 2-3% cpu (at the time of checking it.)

The lag is more like the car teleporting all over the place, relatively to the racing line.
Disconnects happens at the same time usually.
When it happens, even I can get a disconnect, even though I have 2ms ping, 90-100mbit up and down (using speedtest.net)
Edit: Today I also ran pingtest.net and it gives me Grade A with 0% packet loss, 10-11ms ping, 1-2ms jitter.

28-08-2015, 11:01
So, after careful investigation, it seems steam had issues that night.

Right now there can be three places lag comes from:
* The racer
* Steam
* The actual dedicated server (or the person hosting the race.)

Which brings me to this:
Can't the dedicated server get a built-in functionality to broadcast when it detects issues with steam?
Or perhaps check if someone has packet losses or ping spikes and send them a private broadcast?

I know this does not prevent the teleporting lag but it is a start. Knowing yourself that it might be you who is lagging is a big step forward.
I believe the disconnects might actually be steam, most of the time.