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25-08-2015, 03:20

Hi guys, I am new here, so if this type of thread isn't allowed Moderators please remove :)

I am a moderator over at www.raceonoz.com we have been running Playstation and PC based leagues for several years now and have cemented our place in as one of Australia's premier racing sites, especially now with one of our regular members Matt Simmons (aka Mint_gtr) taking out GT Academy 2015!

We have spots available in a 7 round series coming up with an anticipated start date of 13/09/2015, this series will be run in paralell with GT6, and Assetto Corsa series', and for the first time with us having sponsor donated prizes available in all three formats. All threads pertaining to the PCARS series will be found here: http://www.raceonoz.com/forums/index.php?forums/sunday-night-ps4-pcars-coming-soon.48/

The racing you will experience @ Rooz (Race On OZ) will be division based, with our team of moderators placing you in suitable divisions with skill matched drivers for a more enjoyable experience.(no one wants to be stuck with aliens lapping you every week, unless you are an alien :rolleyes:) All races gain you championship points, and will be a mix of tracks, and formats.

Our season will generally consist of 5 x standard races (45-50min each), 1 x enduro (1.5-2hr), and a sprint round with 2 x races (20min each).

We run the one selected car for the series, and with the advent of Project Cars immense amount of tuning options, all tuning is allowed.

We would love to see you there, and please sign up and introduce yourselves, and let's have a some racing!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments below.


25-08-2015, 07:06
There's 3 RUF's at Bathurst....what's not to love here ? lol
Great to see the Porsches in the pics...I warn you that there's a number guys here who borrow their wives Beemer to go racing with.

25-08-2015, 09:02
Hi Clevohead, count me in bro!

I thought you'd go weak and the knees ChrisK about that pic :)

25-08-2015, 09:35
Well the Ruf's may give you a hint to the car we are running in the first season ;)

25-08-2015, 10:07
Clevo do you need to commit to all races ?

25-08-2015, 10:20
Clevo do you need to commit to all races ?

Well mate, you sign up for the season, you get one drop round, so your points are total of your 6 best rounds, the drop round was bought in to allow you that one night when the in-laws rock up unannounced etc... anyway straying off point.

In the end you can run whatever rounds you want, but in order to eligible for sponsor prizes you need to attend a minimum of 4 rounds of the 7 in the season.

25-08-2015, 11:59
Thanks mate

25-08-2015, 12:12
Major announcement made tonight, may want to check it out :)


25-08-2015, 13:05
I'm PM my qualifying video to you and Ad2 now Clevo :)

25-08-2015, 14:04
Thanks mate, got it, Jamie (ad2mny) will get that sorted for you.

27-08-2015, 06:32
We have now expanded into numbers for a 3rd division, we currently have 13-14 spots available with 3 x divisions, get you names down guys!

28-08-2015, 01:40

Jump on the site boys n girls and give the qualifying track a crack :). Three divisions suggests some nice and even racing :)

31-08-2015, 04:50
Cheers for the support Spidey, and it is great to see you over @ Race On Oz, and all the boys getting on well together.