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25-08-2015, 08:05
I have just thought about some ideas (and changes), that could help with creating all the different pit crew animations and also fix some of the pit-stop sequence bugs that seem to happening at the moment. Since there are a lot of different car models/classes etc. in the game, here are some of the things I have thought about that could speed up the creation and in turn the implantation of the pit crews in the game:

1.) Firstly, with both the 125cc kart series, whenever you use either of the karts on ANY track (especially the karting tracks, obviously), the pit lane could maybe just be blocked at the entry and exit with cones or something and if you drive through them and enter the pit lane, you get a message like "YOU HAVE ENTERED A RESTRICTED AREA OF THE TRACK" and then you get teleported back onto the track. I say all this because I've watched some real-life karting "pit-stops on YouTube and 1. They don't actually ever change the wheels on a kart in a pit-stop, they definitely didn't have a pit crew, and 2. They didn't refuel either. All they did was adjust some bolts on the kart, which I personally think is hardly worth putting in a pit-stop. I just think it would be easier then fixing the buggy kart pit-stops if karts didn't have pit-stops at all. Also, I've noticed that none of the AI racers ever really take pits-tops either, which is just another reason to cut the pit-stops from kart races.

2.) Out of the 'Classic Lotus Cars' series, only have the three latest models ( the 1970 Lotus 72, 1977 Lotus 78 and 1986 Lotus 98T) be able to pit (refuel, change tyres and damaged body parts). The other six, could maybe just do refuelling only.

3.) And out of the rest of the cars in the game (and the ones to come), only have the competition cars, not any of the road cars, be able to do a fully functioning pit stop. All the others could just be able to only refuel, like the old Lotus models. Or you could make them the same as the 125cc karts, which would be fine for me.

Would it be possible for these ideas to be added in sometime soon in a future patch? If they could, that would be awesome!

25-08-2015, 08:27
I had a crazy pit stop once when I first got the game.
The dude with the sign came out & fell over stiff as a board on his side, & still in the position he would normally be standing in if he was upright.
But then he just started spinning on the ground (like Homer on the Kitchen floor). Dam it was funny..
I just thought that my team must have hired Angus Young from AC/DC to do the pit work.