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25-08-2015, 08:43

An idea to make running in lobbies with your friends easier, could you not add a pre lobby into the game so you can gather your friends and go searching for a lobby together instead of joining session? That way you can all make it to a lobby on time and I think it would boost the grid numbers for each lobby. I think that it would introduce more team races to. Just a suggestion :)

25-08-2015, 14:23
It's coming whenever 3.0 comes out.

We're getting the same lobby search function as PC and PS4 have.

25-08-2015, 14:33
Oh great thanks for that :)

25-08-2015, 16:17
I'm PS4 and only thing we do is chat lobby and look through online races and we bounce in and out of lobbies separately until one of us finds a good room. Then we all hurry into that room hoping it works out. So no sms still has a long way to go to bring online racing up to par. I came in here to see if u guys got 3.0 yet and how it worked out?

25-08-2015, 16:19
Not yet .....

25-08-2015, 17:30
I'm off to uni in just under 4 weeks and would like to play 3.0 for at least one week while I still have the time. I'm sure they'll get it out soonow but I'm waiting mainly for the online update as that's what I thought the game would be best at before it was released.