View Full Version : Improving HUD and ading more tweaks

26-08-2015, 08:46
Iīve notice few things that are really annoying:

- "Best sector message"-

This should be either removed or be on other position or be more transparent. Driving Spa, end of the first sector when the message appears it blocks completely the car display, which in my few is very important. I really like to know in which gear iīm in...few times i couldīt see properly and instead shifting to 2nd i was in 3re so i went wide and got overtaken....this is on barcelona as well the case where the "best sector time"message blocks the car display....

- Split times in the right screen corner (delta time)"

The split times which are in red, are really hard visible, you can see them only when youīre passing like black area or were the background is bit black otherwise itīs hard to see your split times! Soooo this thinkg should be done hmmmm, the complete Delta times area should be all black and the times white or idk, figure something out :)

- FP-Qualy-Race leaderboard-

We need Quick leaderboard view in the Free practice-Qualy-Race!!! For me itīs important in letīs say Qualy whoīs faster then me and whatīs the gap between us and the rest of the field! And if you ask me. The delta times are irrelevant but leaderboard is more informative!

- car display -

I think that for every car thereīs to be a display for that car that is really his display! Itīs bit boring to see that every display is the same for every car except the old ones which are different from letīs say Mclaren but theyīre the same on every 90īs car! Quite boring....

So if you have another suggestion just write it down.

Have a good day and"happy"racing :o