View Full Version : [Solved] 4th Gear

27-08-2015, 05:14
I've never made a bug report and before I look into how to, I was wondering if anyone else is having the issue of the car shifting to 4th gear every time upon exiting the pits or resuming from the pause menu.

It just started for me this hour. Last hour was fine, this afternoon was fine, and I've never experienced it before. So far it's every car and every track. Restarting the game is no help. I'm on PC (hence why it's my first bug find) and have been on 3.0 since available. I haven't modified my game or files in any way. Curious.

27-08-2015, 05:22
Hehe silly me, I have a sequential and gated H shifter and I left the gated one in 4th testing pCARS 2. Moderators, if you'd like to remove this thread...