View Full Version : H-Shifter Vs. Paddles??

Mario Navarrete
27-08-2015, 15:02
Ok guys so i finally took the plunge and bought my first racing wheel. I hit a deal where i purchased a g27 that was used for maybe 10 hours total for 130 bucks canadian. as i have never used a wheel before should i focus on driving with the H-shifter or the flappy paddles? any pros and cons? how do you guys race and what's the learning curve like?

Jussi Viljami Karjalainen
27-08-2015, 15:04
Paddles are probably quicker overall (you get to keep both hands on the wheel at all times so should be more in control, takes less time to actually activate the shift, and some cars might even shift quicker when using paddles than H-shifter, especially in other games), but H-shifter is a lot more involved and, for me, fun and rewarding.

Really, the best you can do is use both, switching between them depending on the car. Driving a modern paddle-shifter race car? Paddles all the way. Driving a vintage touring car with an H-gate? Go to the shifter. =)

Also I personally really struggle synchronizing the clutch with the paddles if trying to drive an H-shifter car with manual clutch with paddles, I find using the H-shifter comes so much more naturally to me in that situation that I'm a lot more in control with it. With autoclutch the h-shifter makes little sense.

Umer Ahmad
27-08-2015, 15:04
I never used the h-shifter on my g27. The game allows you to use paddles for all cars, even those modeled with h-shifters.

With the release today of the old vs new car pack i may actually try out the shifter finally.

And great decision buying the g27 for only 130, thats a steal.