View Full Version : The rain effects are AWESOME!

28-08-2015, 07:18
OK firstly I hate the rain....... in real life, right back to when i used to Kart, come race weekend if it was raining, i hated it, i didnt want to go.. not because i'm bad in the wet, but the whole day was just grey and you got wet and it was no fun...race day should be sunny, standing around in the pits in the sun is great, in the rain...horrible...

So I avoided rain races in PCars because i like the sun shine even in a game!

But now....oh yes....i will be doing more wet races...

Not really sure where all this "worms" hate came from in the PS4 section, but they look great to me at least!

28-08-2015, 08:18
windshield on the side... those loooong water spray look superb. Just need AI lights on :)