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28-08-2015, 08:18
I'm never going to praise any company for fixing things that should not of been present in the first place.... so no "thanks sooo much for the patch" from me..

But i will say this...if PCars is now getting to the stage where you'd of really wanted it to be at launch... then hats off to you... :)

Would of been impossible to of delayed it till a Christmas release and i'm glad it wasn't, but it did release 4 months to early.. i do hope the people who traded this game in or left it on the shelf...go play it again after patch 3...

Whole reviews and perceptions are still based on PCars pre patches....and that's a real shame.

28-08-2015, 18:43
I use this thread to keep my promise and to say thank you to SMS for all the added stuff and improvements (e.g. tyre compound added to the telemetry) that came along with 3.0. As promised also I don't see the need to thank you for fixing the game. That should be taken for granted.

But it is a good feeling for me (as for you guys too I can imagine) to see finally the game that you were advertising for.
After experiences from the last patches I know I should be more skeptical, but after the release of 3.0 (and the reinstallment of the game that should not be necessary after every single patch - at this point I am glad to have a high speed internet flat and the disc version of the game) I can see and feel the immersion and passion that was intended. Now there's the point when enjoyment is getting over frustration. When fun and excitement are kicking away the anger.

Be assured I won't forget the last 4 months of frustration, anger and annoyance, but at this point I am willing to forgive.
Be also assured that I've learned my lesson when it comes to the question of pre-ordering a game - if there is no expressive demo of a game I wait until the player's opinions will show up.
You also can be assured that I am still willing to describe issues and to help users to get rid of them as far as possible. But, hehe, I also will represent my opinion.