View Full Version : [KNOW ISSUE] Qualifying times and simulate end of session.

28-08-2015, 12:20

Apologies if this has been mentioned to death but I noticed a bug yesterday whilst playing a career race with the Ginetta G40 uk challenge.

I was in qualifying, I had done two laps and was first by a couple of seconds. Towards the end of the second lap the heavens opened big time, I`ve never seen rain like that before. I thought i`d quit because nobody would be able to beat my dry lap time in a wet qualifying session.
So I skipped to the end of qualifying and I ended up in 8th place, the first place was 6 seconds a head of my time which was a decent time in the dry! let alone when it was raining heavily. I`ve seen this before but not to this ridiculous amount.

Please fix. Thanks

28-08-2015, 13:32
Noticed something comparable during a career race. Don't remember which car class and track but I fast forwarded to the end of the qualy because I had a time about 6 seconds better than the first AI driver and to my astounding one AI pulled a time about 10 seconds (!) faster than the given best time for this track.

28-08-2015, 13:36
It's a known issue.