View Full Version : [ANSWERED] Please Fix the Formula A Pit Stops!

28-08-2015, 16:33
Why do the formula A pit stops take so long?! It takes over 2 seconds to put in a lap of fuel for Spa. This should take more like 0.5 seconds no? Then they can't change the tyres at the same time, adding another 7 seconds and if that's not enough very often one of the invisible pit crew drops a nut or something goes wrong! If you make a stop for new tyres and 8 laps of fuel it will cost you 45-55 seconds depending if you get lucky with the incompetent yet non existent pit crew!

We thought in our league we could get around this by cranking the tyre wear up to x7 to force a pit stop. However the tyre wear seems a bit off. On a 20 lap race with x7 wear the person who took no stops with mediums crushed everyone! Isn't this meant to be the equivalent of doing 140 laps? His tyres started to go last few laps losing around 5 secs a lap but it was still not enough for the softs to overcome the huge amount of time from pitting. We then tried x3 wear thinking the softs would be able to do better but then someone just ran softs the whole race beating the guy who just ran mediums, again pitting wasn't an option. Finally we decided to put the laps up to 25 and now pitting became preferable to staying out for the equivalent of 175 laps on the mediums, but only just! A two stop strategy is still 30 secs off due to the time you spend sitting around in the pits waiting.

So yeah please speed up the pit stops! Get that fuel pumped in quicker and at the same time as tyres are changed (like it estimates in the pit stop strategy btw), an option to turn off the random mistakes made would be a bonus too but I know not likely. I think the tyre wear limits might need a rethink but I'm no expert! Just seems the mediums are competitive for too long, and there is never a risk of a puncture.

I love the game though and realise there are other problems that are maybe more important however it seems like such a simple thing to fix and it would really make online racing much more fun if there were a number of possible strategies to run.

28-08-2015, 16:35
All racing series are using the same generic pit stop sequence ATM. This will most likely be corrected when the pit crew animations are finished.

28-08-2015, 16:39
Ah that explains it! Any idea if this is imminent?!

28-08-2015, 16:41
They're working hard on it since quite some time but there's no ETA for this unfortunately.

29-08-2015, 02:49
nearly 4 months since release... better be spot on if it's taken 3 years of development and 4+ months of release.

29-08-2015, 06:27
I agree the pitting in this game is terrible. I was yelling at my screen when I saw my tank stop filling up but I wasn't released, only to hear the screws coming off my wheels. I got used to it though.

John Hargreaves
29-08-2015, 06:31
At least if it's consistent for everyone it's no big deal, but yeah, it would be more fun having those 2.8s F1 style stops