View Full Version : Pit Strategy still not working correctly after 3.0

Evil Mattress
28-08-2015, 21:31
Whilst the pitstops work better than before...

You can't pick what tyre you want to put on the car!

It puts the "Automatic by Weather" tyre on, no matter what you choose in strategy or what you have set in the car setup. (Certainly in the Group A cars; Sierra, Merc 190 and BMW E30).

So what's the problem? Well, myself and a group of friends wanted to test the new systems and see if we could FINALLY use the dynamic weather in the current series we are running over at the ETCC. We had a "Clear" "Rain" and a "Random" weather slot set at x2 progression around Oulton Park International.

2 of us pitted just as the raindrops were building up and chose wet tyres, whilst everyone else went round another lap. We came out on slicks as the game determined that that was the tyre for the current conditions, even though we had selected wets. The rain came down and everyone else pitted to get their nice wets whilst we had to go around on an increasingly slippery track to pit again and get them...

If we had the wets when we specified, we would have been on the optimum strategy...

To clarify, in our tuning setups we had set our tyres to slicks, NOT "Automatic by Weather".

We then tested it again but with one "Clear" weather slot, tried changing to wet. Nope. Still slick. We adjusted the option so we could set asymmetrical to see if that would allow us to set rain tyres all round and receive them. Nope.

So we continue to have to stay away from dynamically changing weather in our organised racing. The game's USP, and it can't be used. Sure some people are going to say what's the issue, and it is better than before. But honestly we can't risk it in our league. It wouldn't be fair for the game to deign a certain tyre for your car at a certain time and you to lose because of that.

I have no idea if this is also the case in cars that have multiple compounds (hard, medium etc) I'm sure I read on here in one of the patch threads people were having this problem... Which means that tyre strategy for races with wear are out the window.

A lot of people on our forum have reached breaking point or now just don't race. A certain incoming game is looming large in their minds. A real shame as I love the handling of this game, and I'm not convinced that FM6 will be any improvement handling wise over 5...

Has anyone else worked out a work around for this? I'd be really grateful to hear it!