View Full Version : Annoying sound problems on opponent cars

29-08-2015, 11:44

I am having an annoying issue with the sound in multi-player.
All the opponent cars sound like scratch sounds or blip blip and certainly not like race cars.
We have to computers connected a Gbit LAN. On both computers the sound of the opponents are those scratch sounds. The player car sounds as it should.

Help on this is really appreciated.

29-08-2015, 21:16
The problem is not on your side. ;)
Needs an official fix.

29-08-2015, 22:08
Thank you for your reply.

Do we need to report this to SMS? If not I wonder why they didn’t fix this already.

I like Project Cars. It’s a great game, but I have never seen a piece of software with so many bugs as Project Cars. There are also shortcomings in compare to other racing games.
I really hope they are serious and are going to fix the bugs and add new features.

Eg. in an old game like GTR2 or Race07 you can filter which cars to run against. Kick an unwanted ai, create different setups for a car, create different setups for the racing wheel, etc.

As far as I know the guys of SMS is the guys who developed GTR2 so they should know what and how to add.

29-08-2015, 22:12
Same on ps4

29-08-2015, 23:41
I hear one car on off the throttle all the time and it sounds real close even when there is no other car close by, it's really annoying.

12-12-2015, 09:37
Same here.
In my opinion is the worst bug on pCARS! Neither old racing games had this kind of problem.