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29-08-2015, 14:23
i installed Patch 3.0 and i must to report 2 issues in Interface.
My config is : Msi z77a-gd65, Intel 3770, Asus GTX970, Win7Pro/64, 16G-RAM, and XboxOne GamePad Controller.

1 ) BMW Z4 GT3 Car Selection, Photo Mode and issue on exit.
i have no problem in Garage section.
but when i start a free race or online race, i choose all car icon, and i choose BMW and finally BMW Z4 GT3 car (because most completed list and last car).
No problem to scroll with xbox gamepad until end of list.
But when i choose and enter photo mode with gamepad and exit.
I come back to the list and i can't scroll with GamePad, i don't see BMW Z4 GT3.

2) Line in twice in configuratin car section
When i enter an race (no difference before or in race), and i go to car configuration section, i have some lines in twice.
first line is in grey, and second is in dark color (as usual).
example 1 :
example 2

06-09-2015, 00:41
I believe I have experienced this menu issue, namely in career mode. For some reason while moving down the list one of the items will 'turn grey' instead of moving to the next item, therefore a second button press is required to continue moving down the list...