View Full Version : Aug old vs new DLC not showing under Library/DLC in steam

Kobus Maree
30-08-2015, 01:06
sry if this is posted elsewhere, i didnt check

I had some ppl asking me where the DLC is, since they cannot find it on steam

Seems it does not show under available DLC


30-08-2015, 03:03
search for it in steam, itll show up then.

Kobus Maree
30-08-2015, 03:07
that is not what I said.

the DLC does not show under the available DLC when you check for DLC in your library.

This may cause many people to miss the fact that a new DLC is out. not everybody reads the forums....

30-08-2015, 03:14
then contact valve, do you think SMS would deliberately hide their DLC??

30-08-2015, 03:21
You're very confusing. I would answer like Strangnutix. Your heading is different to what you want to know. The DLC in Steam is in it's usual place, on the right side of your opening page, 'the old v New', does not show in there, you have to go to search, then 'if that's what you want' (who know's but you) it will show up for purchase.

Kobus Maree
30-08-2015, 06:51
forget it


30-08-2015, 23:02

Here you go if you still need the link :)...