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30-08-2015, 01:49
This thread is for positive comments only...Please reframe from negative comments... There is a Butt load of threads where you can do that. Thank You!

Tell us how 3.0 made the Sim better for you, and be honest! :D

30-08-2015, 03:35
Love the new tire wear indications. Most racers that include tire wear force you to judge your wear based on lap times or handling. That's fine and dandy for a driver with a pit crew constantly updating you on you sector performance but not for a solo driver trying to pump out laps while actively maneuvering in and around opponents. Bug fixes like setup saving during session are of course appreciated but figured you're asking more about improvements than fixes.

30-08-2015, 04:18
Yes its so much better in every way online lobby is very good now, so is the game, its all good
all plays as its should do, laps to fuel good, tire wear indications good, handling all good, no crash too dash for me, not a one..
no locks in the pits, easy to find full lobby racing 16 players, pick any race or start your own lobby ;)

30-08-2015, 05:20
I haven't been online yet since patch 3.0 but I have done pretty much everything else with the game.. I have both the xbox one & PS4 versions of Project CARS and post patch 3.0 only slight problem I have encountered has been a crash to desk-top on the PS4 version after a practice session at Brands Hatch. Only the single CTD though. It did it once or twice on PS4 prior to patch 3.0. Quite rare though. So far at least everything else seems fine on both console versions. No reinstalls necessary and running with my existing save files on both versions.

I guess I have been lucky?

Just played the xbox one version and the PS4 version back to back at the Nordschleife and have to say that the xbox one version compares very favourably to the PS4 version including visually.

Quite a happy bunny. If I wasn't so busy at the moment with 2 wheel racing I would be on this game much more often. Will try the online on the xbox one during the week. Had a quick look at the lobby browser in operation and I just love the fact SMS have ditched Microsoft's crappy match making system. I wish other racing game developers would do exactly the same thing!


30-08-2015, 06:07
Tyre wear indicator fantastic

Fuel estimator fairly good, great idea though and handy

New lobby browser excellent

Menus seem to load faster

So far so good

30-08-2015, 06:12
Listing tyre pressure and choice of tyre is a plus for me in telemetry view. They also seem to have made the characters displaying tyre temperature more defined in this view as I always struggled to read the front temp in cockpit view due to the sky background

30-08-2015, 07:35
Yes, the tire wear indicator is very useful! My biggest issue with the game was that it used to freeze many times when I tried to exit a Time Trial. Because of this I've left with my laptimes un-saved because of this but now this bug seems to be fixed! The rain effects are really good looking now and - maybe placebo effect - but maybe the frame-rate also improved. 3.0 is a big step to the good direction.

30-08-2015, 07:37
It's great that you can actually find full lobbies, picking and selecting what you want and not having to just guess what your gonna be doing. Time trial is great to, all the cutters times wiped off, makes the experience 100% better

30-08-2015, 07:59
Positive is if you are a new buyer you get patch 3 and new UK RRP of 28.99.....

30-08-2015, 09:04
The game is fantastic now, and it will only get better with time, it really gives hope for the future.

30-08-2015, 09:05
The game is fantastic now, and it will only get better with time, it really gives hope for the future.

You don thing AI is too slow round corners now?

30-08-2015, 13:35
Positive thing being that after many months the game is starting to work how it should have from day 1. Whether or not you look at that as a positive or not is another thing. We still got a little bit more to go yet too.

Online last night was much better although I notice the idiots get attracted to the full lobbies now.

John Hargreaves
30-08-2015, 13:48
Nice to see the xbox players getting the solid game at last, it must have been quite frustrating but I hope you get to enjoy the game as it was intended.

Frog T
30-08-2015, 13:55
The only positive I can think of is the game is cheap now for other people to buy. 25 quid at my local asda.

30-08-2015, 14:26
Can't wait til forza comec out with a demo. Now thats good vibs

30-08-2015, 15:08
The only positive I can think of is the game is cheap now for other people to buy. 25 quid at my local asda.

Amazing isn't it, after 3 months half price...... second hand you'll be picking it up for 10-12 quid! I was chuffed when i got mine second hand for 20 quid 2 months ago...now i feel ripped off!! lol.

All the new buyers at 25 quid should be thanking the people that purchased at launch for 50 for paying the team to stay on to do the patches....

30-08-2015, 15:27
I have always been genuinely confused why people pay so much for a game like Project CARS at launch..I purchased my "hard" copy as a pre-order on xbox one and paid 38.00 for it from an online retailer..it was delivered two days in advance of the official launch date in the U.K.

I presume 50 was the cost to purchase a digital copy at launch? I am struggling to understand how a digital copy at launch for 50 which you do not receive until the day of the official launch offers any advantage over a pre-ordered and cheaper "hard" copy. Maybe that's just me?

At 38 I consider my pre-order copy of Project CARS to have been excellent value bearing in mind the fun and enjoyment I have derived from the game since launch date "minus 2" and bearing in mind the breadth and depth of content in the game itself. I suppose I'm one of the more fortunate individuals who has suffered very few problems with the game..I'm pretty satisfied with my purchase(s) of Project CARS.

I would rather have had Project CARS from launch than have waited until the end of August to purchase a copy slightly cheaper. Those extra 13.00 have provided me with a lot of enjoyment over the last 3 or 4 months and I don't regret a second of it..


30-08-2015, 15:45
After the latest patch it seems so much better to me like more fluid like I'm not sure how to describe it but is amazing it always was but now its even better thanks all at SMS.