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CPU M Rossi
30-08-2015, 02:28
Ok so trying out the new multiplayer lobby search on the Xbox One I joined a lobby with two people. Every thing was pretty much ok first race at Spa in Formula C cars all tho one person cut what would be the last corner in Forza & was slowed down then tried to block me but I knew it was gonna happen and went on to win.

Now second race at Donington park GP in Formula B cars in practice someone pushed me straight though turn 9(Fogarty Esses) which amazingly didn't slow me down, I think the game did slow them down or they lost a wheel not sure was in get away from other player mode and didn't look back. Anyway qualified first in a 4 car field and the start wasn't bad there was contact but no one seemed the force the issue and wreck anybody (that I know of). I am way ahead on lap 3(of 4 which btw is considered a long raceby the game *shrugs*) and I noticed a white dot sitting just after turn 1. I get around the apex of turn one start to gas it out of the corner & bam head on wreck I am DQed for hitting another car because it hit me head on from the wrong way. The reasoning for the stunt they didn't want to just quit the race they wanted to end with a bang.

30-08-2015, 02:41
And you just pointed out the reason why I don't even bother with online public lobbies. I can't find a league to race with due to my RL schedule but I will take the AI and all of its flaws before I will ever deal with the idiots online who are either sore losers out to get you or just flat out only log on to cause havoc. Online in my opinion is just not worth the headache when all I want to do is race.

CPU M Rossi
30-08-2015, 02:49
I do agree Skrillex but this game for me hasn't been anywhere as bad as playing Forza online. I admit I haven't played as much online on PCars as Forza, but most players I have seen do seem to want to race more then demo derby their friend to a win.

30-08-2015, 03:02
Annnnnnd Single Player Career keeps sounding sweeter.