View Full Version : Laguna Seca hot laps with Mitsubishi Lancer / Audi A1

30-08-2015, 08:17
Hi guys!

I have been driving Lacuna Seca with Mitsubishi Lancer and Audi A1 and I was hoping you could go and give your best on that track with these two cars in Time Trials. I would like to compete with your times, and I know the best drivers are here.

These are probably not your favorite cars but I would really appreciate your effort. There are so few times on Time Trials so there are really not good times to try to beat and know where I really stand. :)

Naturally all driving aids off.

So far my best are:

Lancer - 1:35.238

A1 - 1:39.995

Thank you! :cool:

15-11-2015, 18:25
I was finally able to beat Malse's time with Lancer! It really took some time. :)

With Audi A1 I am still a little behind NeoZorg.

Please, go drive more laps and make some great times! :)

EDIT: The Lancer I have been driving is the X FQ400 model.

Krus Control
15-11-2015, 22:37
I'll give this a go. We need more threads like this.

Edit: I'm GT86 LOVER BTW. Great laps in the A1. Going to do the EVO now.

Edit 2: Great laps in the EVO too. I hate AWD so I'm not coming back if you beat these :)

Krus Control
18-11-2015, 17:06
Shoutout to Throbbinhood who set a crazy time in the A1.

20-11-2015, 18:15
Shoutout to Throbbinhood who set a crazy time in the A1.

No, it was just a time from someone with real skills, not someone with more time at hand than sense!

23-11-2015, 16:17
I haven't played since Fallout 4 came out, but i ll give it a go tonight ;D