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30-08-2015, 18:22
This is to all who have contributed to the g29 thread, I think it would be nice if we were to get online and have a g29 track day, that way we can chat in-depth on all things g29 related and take our settings to the track, I have so many settings written down in my mancave my wife gives me funny looks.

I know some of you guys are across the pond so it would require a happy medium timewise

30-08-2015, 18:40
I think I've posted this in the wrong board mods could you move it to events planning please thank you :)

30-08-2015, 18:48

31-08-2015, 17:24
Would love to participate, but I'm still 'on the fence' about getting PS Plus.

Is the online any good? -I've been trying to race online for like 1Oyrs, but no game yet actually gives us an equivalent experience of what COD or CS players get.... like to actually play and not spend 8O%+ of your time in lobbies and menus.

I want it to be good, but it just NEVER has. So they dont deserve a monthly fee.

31-08-2015, 17:30
G29 meetup is a great idea though.

I really like Northlander's new DRR settings on top of all the 'accepted' setup.
Dunno how many other G29ers have tried that yet... seeing as the update set those values back down near to zero.

Also the great work someone did on drawing that 'knee graph' for our G29s - was done when the adjustment increments were huge, and I dont think many folk noticed that you can get much closer to the true values now.