View Full Version : Dedicated server results tracking.

30-08-2015, 21:28
So this is my situation I have a dedicated server running on a dedicated server system.

I want to run a race at say Monday 8PM.

My need is this at say a bit before 8 I want to load an app that will begin to track and save the results of each session as it finishes.

I understand this is available for those using the rooms on Steam server system is it available yet for dedicated always on servers.



31-08-2015, 18:15
I have no idea what are the rooms on steam server system but i know this:
- Playing online on peer to peer lobby/session does not allow you to monitor/record the session.
- Playing on a dedicated server permit you to monitor what happens on this dedicated server trough an API:
Currently there are 2 separate applications that use this API to monitor session and record lap times amongst other things:

Which I juste tested yesterday and seems to do the job when you get it running. It is still beta and need improvement but usable. It is a webb app, so you can install it on server without screen/keyboard. Let it run 24/7 and acces the web UI from any computer/tablet/phone.

Which is a desktop app that I did not tested.