View Full Version : Car Wheelie

31-08-2015, 07:21
Hi Everyone,

Was taking part in a GT league race on the Silverstone GP circuit last night, driving a BMW GT3.

60 lap race and on around lap 50, during the night, I out braked myself going in to turn 3 and went off the track, down to 1st and turned around to rejoin, accelerated over the curb and the front of the car rose in to the air like a slow wheelie to about 45 degrees and stayed there.

The car then started to move backwards very slowly in to the gravel trap.

No matter what I did nothing happened.

The car did eventually come down, I think it bumped in to something and away I went again.

This all took well over 30 seconds.

EMW Simmo
31-08-2015, 07:56
Yeah i think its a known bug, happens all the time in GT after a long run, usually from lap 20 n up.