View Full Version : [ANSWERED] Help l I used the ctrl + k cam option and dont get it reseted :(

31-08-2015, 11:33
How you can see on the Name... I used the ctrl + k cam option and dont know how to reset...

On the new Ruf CTR my driver flys now to every start of a session in the air OVER the car.
So I have to use everytime the ctrtl + k option to get him back into the car, on the BMW z4 GT3
Im sitting IN the sit/driver

Its irritating and I want my old cam settings back :(

Pls help

31-08-2015, 11:58
Hey, press "Numpad 5", this will reset your camera :)

31-08-2015, 21:21
Thx, dont knowed it :D

01-09-2015, 11:06
Not answered :/
Dont work :(
If I press numpad 5, i still have the same cam options :,(

01-09-2015, 11:07
I think its bugged