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31-08-2015, 12:13
Apologies if this had been requested before, But seeing how the changes made to the Replay system in 3.0 need some tweaking, could we not also change or ADD a camera option?

A TV style camera that does not focus on a single passing car, but remains fixed showing the field as it goes by. For say 10 seconds or so? While I get this is low on the priorities list and might not even be possible, thats why im asking. The changes made to the Replays are ok, but switching cars, (ON XBOX anyway) is seemingly random. I assume it switches between cars as they were on the start grid, meaning that if the field gets mixed and spread out, theres no way to know whos car your switching to, making the feature sort of useless for recording purposes. Having a TV broadcast style camera would do wonders for the replays in my opinion because then it would actually show the field, not just one car at a time.

31-08-2015, 15:10
Replays need some work still. Right now the biggest issue that needs to be fixed is cars that are not appearing during the replay/are stuck at the starting grid. The next thing is cars appearing from a different class. Example you have a fierce battle in a Clio Cup league. All cars were Clio's but in the replay some cars show up as group A BMW. The next thing is cars not showing the correct livery. This one is minor but we need the correct livery to show in case we have to review a replay when doing leagues. Next one is we desperately need names on the cars to identify players. Last one is we need a free camera that lets us spectate and move around the track. That way we can check specific corners from different angles without following the players.

31-08-2015, 20:46
It also happened to me that at nordschleife i crashed with zonda R and lost the rear bonnet with the engine clearly visible, then i watched the replay and after some time the bonnet was back at its place...

31-08-2015, 20:53
the replays like they are aren't that exciting,would have loved it a lot more if they were like R3E

31-08-2015, 21:05
I wish in the external car view id didn't keep rotating back to the rear & i could lock it to a specific angle.

31-08-2015, 21:07
Would be great to have in the "track" camera view sometimes a appearing view, where the camera stands on the ground for some seconds, to feel better the speed of a car in the replays....would be great on a long straight to have it there...

for now there is not so a great speed feeling at the replays, on long straights very bad

gope we will get something like that in the future

29-10-2015, 13:34
IS there any work or love being shown to Replays behind the scenes? Right now they are woeful unfortunately and I would love to be able to record replays of league races and even regular races without skipping Audio and the proper cars in the right liveries in the correct positions. Also have some different Camera angles that are more TV broadcast looking than the ones we have currently but thats fluff, it would just be nice if they worked as intended more often. Thanks!

30-10-2015, 01:00
Their might be some replay fixes coming in the next patch hopefully. A while back I did a replay bug report for the devs including broken replay files to send to them. No promises were made but was told by them that they were going to look into it. Hopefully what we provided in the testing made it easier for them to track down the issues and develop fixes.