View Full Version : SMS-R PLM Nurburgring Community Event

31-08-2015, 12:55
Happy Bank holiday everyone! (in the UK)

I'm currently hot lapping the Nurburgring GP track on the Community event thingy. Something is bugging me though. I'm struggling with the tune and I think I'm completely missing something!
I set a 1:47:070 which puts me in 23rd but the lap was great, much better in quality than the 10th place ghost I was following who was missing apexes and braking earlier than myself.
It just seemed to get away and grip better then my tune, and the guy in first is 2.8 seconds faster!!! Which is rather absurd. I'm normally within 1 second of the world record lap (I was top ten on Forza) and in the top 3 of all Catalunya's track in Prototype class.

Am I missing something? Is there a way to use KERS/DRS in the LMP2? Is it my setup? Or just my lack of skill lol :p

Someone please help!