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31-08-2015, 19:01
I suck at Tuning, and would rather blame poor lap times on my driving and not car.

With that said, how much time on Avg am I missing

In General, a 2 min Lap on Stock tune , What do you expect your Tune to drop it to? 1:58 ?
1 Min Lap on Stock tune, drop to .59 sec ?

I tell myself a good tune is only worth a 1sec per 1min on track.

Am I crazy? What time of gains do you see with your Tune, (just tune, try to leave out better driving with tune if that makes sense)
I already dump Fuel as needed...

EMW Simmo
31-08-2015, 19:16
From what ive tuned from stock..Downforce cars as much as 3 sec, no downforce about 1 sec plus.

31-08-2015, 20:53
Come on Simmo are you really that fast with a default tune.

I think it depends on how well you can drive the default tune. I know some guys that can drive them pretty fast. For me when I started tuning and got pretty good at it I was shaving as much as 5 secs off my original time but since then my driving and ability to attack the track has gotten much better so I may not be as slow with the default tune.

Example: I used to run 1:30 to 1:31 at Brands Hatch GP in GT3. Now my best time in a McLaren is 1:25:5 I have seen 1:24s.

Simmo is at the top of all our leaderboards so I would probably listen to him.