View Full Version : Steering Gain - what is it and FFB at 100 why

01-09-2015, 12:22
I am trying to get my head round the purpose of the new Steering Gain

Steering Gain the gain (multiplier) applied to all steering effects (steering force, jolts, kerb rumble etc) after they have been mixed. For a clean more detailed experience set at 1.0 or below, for stronger feedback at the expense of clipping set higher (maximum value 5).

Where in the chain does it occur, as if it is a multiplier I am assuming it is at the very end of the chain or does it come before spindle, and why has it been introduced when we already have TF.

Whether we multiply at the beginning by increasing TF higher is this not same as leaving TF alone and increasing Gain


and the question everybody on Xbox is afraid to ask - why must FFB always be 100

( sorry Jack I know you keep saying it , and no offense but why cannot it be used at less than 100 if it gives you what you like and other users who run FFB less than 100 may not be aware of this advice )

01-09-2015, 12:36
From what I can tell, gain is just one more slider to confuse people. I tried lowering it by 0.02 and things just got a bit floaty. Running FFB stength at 100% is unnecessary and likely to destroy your wheel if you impact a barrier. The theory is that by running at something more sensible like 75% you are restricting the dynamic range of the effects. The reality is that if you stick to the road surface and occasional kerb, you will use maybe 30% of available spectrum. If you have an off, then the orchestra really cranks up, which is actually not a plus. If the effects aren't being clipped then running 100% will only buy you tired arms and a burnt out toy. But then, common sense and observation would tell any sensible person that. Cue the naysayers lol.

02-09-2015, 00:18
for what it worth i'm running with ffb strength at 75% now as well. the reason is i hit a bug which corrupted my save so setups including per car ffb cannot be loaded or saved. so i had to tweak my ffb settings to accommodate the fact that i can no longer tweak per car ffb. i have re-used most of my existing settings but dropped strength from 100% to 75% and got rid of soft clipper (both at 0 now). kept tyre force and gain both at 100. it works pretty damn good with TX actually with every car and track i have tried so far. i do miss Jack Spade 66% mix settings for some of the cars but i just cant waste time re-entering them every time via pit setup for each session.

100% strength works tho if you tune it correctly. you wont have sore arms or burn the wheel. its simply a different approach. if you dont subscribe to that approach it does not make it wrong neither it makes people who do naysayers and as far as tuning this ffb thing you can throw your common sense out of the window, it does not worth much when dealing with this system (which is rather unfortunate fact btw).