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02-09-2015, 14:43
Tried searching for an exsisting general thread for members to post pics of their rigs. Since i couldnt find one, i figured i might as well start one up. Im sure there will be people out there looking for ideas for a rig and this could serve as a good place to gather ideas from what others have done.

Just finished building mine last night & am very pleased with it thus far. Still plan on making some changes here & there & eventually painting it, but for now its serving its purpose. My button box is arriving today or tomorrow, so i will need to get that added in as well.

Total cost of my rig, including the seat, is right around $100 Canadian.

http://i1219.photobucket.com/albums/dd435/MrSmoke420/1441191680022.jpg (http://s1219.photobucket.com/user/MrSmoke420/media/1441191680022.jpg.html)

Lets see what you guys bought or built!!

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Closing as there is already a thread for this and it's linked...