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02-09-2015, 16:03

I am trying to get my league up and running, we used to run a very successful league using the F1 games from codemasters but we have now decided it's time to move on, for obvious reasons really.

We already have several members who will be signing up soon ( i am still just finishing a few bits on the site, but the base is there )

If you are interested please sign up, it's really simple, i hope that if we get enough sign ups we can start within the next couple of weeks.

We are starting our league using the Formula B cars in the game

Race days and times

Race days: Saturday

Race lobby will be open & invites sent out at 6:15pm GMT

Qualifying start time: 6:30pm GMT


Race distance: TBC ( Races will last around an hour )
Weather: Variable
Rules: Full
Car damage: Full
Tyre wear: Real
Fuel: TBC ( we may adjust this so each race requires at least 1 pit stop for tyres and fuel )

Qualifying: one 15 minute session

Warmup: 5 minutes

ASSISTS allowed: Automatic gears only ( we can be flexible with certain assists to a point if required )

03-09-2015, 15:38
forgot to mention there is a prize for the champion at the end of the season, we did this with our first championship and it was very successful