View Full Version : Apex Stalkers IndyCar Road Series | Looking for 3 to 5 more drivers

02-09-2015, 17:11
Hello everyone,

Although the Dallara DW12 may not have arrived yet, it doesn't stop us from organizing our own (little) IndyCar series over at Apex Stalkers, in which we'll be driving the Formula C car around four tracks in the United States of America. We are a group of good friends and friendly competitors who have been racing together since late 2013. For our Apex Stalkers IndyCar Road Series (http://apexstalkers.enjin.com/forum/page/1/m/18025943/viewthread/24034716-apex-stalkers-indycar-road-series-sign-up-now) we are looking for three to five more drivers, who are willing to race fast, clean and competitive, but who's priority is to have a good laugh and have fun with their competitors. We currently have 12 drivers signed up. The qualifying & race will take place on Wednesdays, 19:00 GMT. Please click on the link above for more information.

To sign up, please head over to our website (http://apexstalkers.enjin.com/forum/m/18025943/viewthread/24034716-apex-stalkers-indycar-road-series-sign-up-now), register and leave a reply in the thread I've linked here twice, in which you describe why you'd like to participate in our series.

Also, we're hosting a pre-season test, tonight at 19:00 GMT (so in nearly 2 hours from now). Send me (PSN: JvdW1888) a friend request on PSN with the words "pre-season test" so I know you'd like an invite. :)

Hope to see you out on track soon!